Royal Tyrrell Museum Map

Alex redesigned the map from the ground up.

Case Study

Sometimes, the Museum's overwhelming nature can leave guests disoriented. The displays, galleries, and spectacular dinosaur fossils, combined with the challenging layout of the Museum, could cause some frustrating moments for our visitors. Redesigning the map started with a strategy to reduce the bad and increase the good. I redrew the entire map, and recreated an adaptable system that showed people the way and could work for years to come.

Because visitors tend to spend more time reading and interacting with exhibits at the start of their walk through the galleries, they often ended up rushing through the latter displays. This map was redesigned with visitor pacing in mind. Using a checklist accomplishes a lot of good things: it makes people aware of the must-see pieces, easily locates those landmarks on the map, and also provides an opportunity to interact with the map by checking off your journey through the Museum.

Since the introduction of the map, staff note an improvement in visitor experience and less lost travellers.

Cover illustration by Julius T. Csotonyi